Remote Recruiting: In-house vs. Outsourcing

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Let’s cut to the chase: Internal recruiting is only (potentially) worthwhile for companies that are big enough. It really only makes sense when the salary of a dedicated in-house recruiter is lower than the amount of budget spent on remote recruitment activities.

And those remote recruitment activities require a significant chunk of time and money.

Just sourcing candidates by posting on job boards, alone, can cost a small fortune. To post just one job on WeWorkRemotely and Remote OK, it costs $299 per month. Jobspresso costs $249 for 90 days for one job. And with the average time to hire being 28 days, it is likely you will have to renew the job posting and pay the fee again.

Meanwhile, on LinkedIn, you can post a job using a PPC billing model, but your job will have to compete against others with a potentially higher budget. The higher your budget is, the more people will see your job.

In addition to job posting, you also have to spend significant time on:

  • Screening CVs

  • Filtering through interviews

  • Evaluating performance on tests

  • Background checks

The remote recruitment and hiring process takes up a significant amount of time that could be spent on other activities — 40% of the time, in fact. And usually, HR professionals are responsible for more than just recruiting and hiring. Even if not, this is a significant amount of work for one person to handle, but it is not worthwhile to have multiple employees all dedicated to recruiting and hiring. The smart thing to do would be to outsource some of the remote recruitment tasks.

By outsourcing, you can lower the overhead by allocating the talent sourcing, CV screening, and candidate filtering to an external remote recruitment partner, such as RemoteScouts.

We will handle all of the initial work so that when a candidate's resume reaches your desk, it will be ready to enter the middle of your application process — whether that be a second interview, an assignment or test, you name it.

Instead of wading through a stack of irrelevant applicants, you will receive top-notch IQCs (“interview qualified candidates”). This will make you more productive and efficient, impress your colleagues, and quicken your time-to-hire.

Don’t just take my word for it. Give RemoteScouts a try and see for yourself what a difference we can make to your bottom line.

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