Is your company is remote-first?


Or are you planning on transitioning from an office to telecommuting?


Either way, RemoteScouts can act as your remote recruitment agency and help you build a remote business model — totally risk-free.

We are experts in remote work culture and hiring practices


We provide services including:

  • Consulting: Guiding you through the transition to a remote workplace and building a remote culture

  • Training: We provide materials, education, assistance, and support for remote-first startups as well as newly remote companies

  • Hiring: We make your remote hiring process easier by:

    • Sourcing the highest-quality talent — faster than anyone else out there thanks to our vast network of recruitment partners

    • Performing initial tests and interviews to filter out the irrelevant applicants and send you only IQCs (interview qualified candidates)

    • Saving you money on job board subscriptions and posting — commission is paid only upon success, after the candidate's 3-month trial period.

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