Hi! We're Joanna and Slava — two people who love working remotely.


Together, we're RemoteScouts, a remote company consulting firm.


RemoteScouts was born to fill the remote recruitment and consulting void in the burgeoning remote-work market.


We offer consulting, training, and hiring services to remote companies and startups, as well as businesses transitioning from the office to telecommuting.


Working remotely is becoming more commonplace as productivity tools and collaboration technology advance. Plus, the great Covid-19 pandemic of early 2020 taught us a great lesson — don't let your business be unprepared for an international lock-down ever again.

Many companies are either deciding to transition to remote or are starting that way from scratch. But since being a remote company is still a relatively new concept for most of the business world, many companies might not know what to do in regards to:

  • Employee benefits

  • Legal questions

  • Remote technology platforms

  • Managing remote teams

  • Remote employee hiring practices

And more...


Our mission is three-fold: 

  1. Assist companies build a strong remote work culture

  2. Guide companies through the transition to remote from office-based

  3. Help employers find top-quality remote candidates — fast — thanks to our large network of HR partners, and help talented people find the perfect remote position.

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Note: If you are a job seeker looking for a remote job, ask your headhunter to reach out to us!


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Joanna Wayburn
Founder & CEO

Prior to RemoteScouts, Joanna had been working remotely since 2015 in the realm of digital B2B marketing. She is now dedicated to being the top remote-work consultant. When she isn't participating in remote workshops, attending remote-work events, or sourcing remote talent, she enjoys a number of hobbies including photography, gardening, and playing volleyball.

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Slava Garber
Head of Business Development

Slava Garber is an entrepreneur responsible for projects like Tele-buddy and has been managing a team of remote freelancers in the localization industry since 2014. When he's not busy bringing ideas to life, he enjoys practicing meditation, nature photography and podcasting.

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